Oilfield Injury Attorney in Houston TX

The oil and gas market continues to grow throughout the world, and the United States is certainly no exception. Texas continues to lead the nation as the biggest producer of both oil and natural gas. The State yielded over 20% of the country’s oil in 2009. This growing field has developed countless available jobs for workers, however it likewise features a high danger of injuries and death for those in the industry.

From 2003 to 2010, the fatality rate of those in the oil and gas industry was 7 times higher than other career field, inning accordance with the Occupational Security & Danger Administration (OSHA). With employees pulling long hours and running heavy machinery, they can face major injuries in a variety of methods. One typical source of injuries is being caught on an item or equipment, but inning accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 11% of injuries in 2007 were triggered by overexertion.

Common oilfield mishaps consist of:
Being struck by debris or equipment
Falling from a height
Surges or fires
Being captured in machinery
Exposure to unsafe chemicals
Transportation accidents

These events can cause a vast array of injuries to workers, from damaged bones to paralysis, amputations, burns, as well as casualties. To decrease the danger of workplace injuries and the resulting damage from unavoidable events, employers are obliged to provide adequate safety precautions, equipment, and training for their employees.

Injuries from these situations can develop both brief and long-term problems for employees. In addition to a loss of earnings from time missed out on at work, they can deal with a growing financial burden for the cost of medical care, prescription medications, physical rehabilitation, special medical equipment, and other expenses.

It is essential to figure out the responsible celebrations, as there might be more than one at fault celebration in oilfield mishaps. A knowledgeable accident attorney can assist you in holding all negligent celebrations accountable and guaranteeing that your damages are completely compensated.

Legal Counsel for Victims of Oilfield Accidents

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