Cook Islands Trust Offers the Best Protection

If you want to become Lawsuit-Proof, then the overseas possession security trust offers the greatest legal defense offered. It has been our experience that The Cook Islands offers the greatest offshore asset protection trust structure offered the world over. We have set-up much of our clients with offshore possession defense rely on these areas. He included that they are also offering property protection trusts, but the Cook Islands have the strongest asset protection trust laws and the strongest case histories of defense.

Offshore trusts are designed for those with liquid possessions, or assets that can be rapidly liquidated. The offshore trust is for the legally susceptible with substantial properties of one hundred thousand dollars or more. These trusts work best with possessions that can be rapidly liquidated and kept in a strong, safe, safe and secure Swiss savings account, for instance. A foreign trust, specifically in the Cook Islands, puts properties beyond the reach of the United States creditors.

The medical professional had to file bankruptcy to remove the claims. Once done, his assets were under the jurisdiction of a certified and bonded foreign trustee beyond the United States court’s jurisdiction. The trustee chose not to release the funds to the legal opponents of the doctor. Once bankruptcy erased his debts and liabilities, the foreign trustee released the funds to the doctor.

Timing is a key element in setting up offshore trusts. When an individual decides an offshore trust is right for himself or herself, the quicker she or he acts upon it the much better. There is a one to two year statute of constraints on deceptive transfer. In the Cooks Islands for instance, the statute of restrictions for deceitful transfer is one year or more years after the underlying reason for action,. so by the time a suit is given completion in the United States courts, the statute of restrictions in the foreign jurisdiction bars the suit. This indicates when a trust is set up, and the assets, such as real estate, stock and other holdings are liquidated and positioned in the trust, the suit followed by prospective bankruptcy uses up the allotted time and after that the statute of limitations avoids the suit from progressing in the Cook Islands. Contact a Cook Islands attorney for more information.

Another barrier to creditors is that It is an exceptionally expensive proposition to bring a lawsuit to the Cook Islands. This roadblock can be enough to keep possible lenders at bay. Though we would not deliberately develop asset protection against a government agency, even the United States federal government, with its funds, has actually not been able to conquer the protection these trusts provide in the cases where they have actually challenged the Cook Islands trust.